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APA 7 versus MLA 8 – Knowing more about the referencing styles

Often many students come up with questions related to ‘APA versus MLA’. Also, students wonder why referencing is essential.

Now, referencing is needed to verify that the academic paper you worked for is genuine.

When you quote sources, it indicates you may have taken work from someone else to verify your reasoning.

This blog will give you a detailed view of APA versus MLA to help you distinguish between these two commonly utilized referencing styles worldwide.

Where exactly are APA & MLA used?

If you have the same question in your mind as “What is APA & MLA style of writing all about?” then look at the facts given below to know more about each style


APA is the short form of - American Psychological Association. It is a reference style based on author-date concept and is mainly utilized for formatting research papers, essays and other writings.


MLA is a short form of - Modern Language Association. It is yet another regular format for research papers and essays. So, basically, MLA can be explained as a citation with author-page way.

You may have the next question as "When can be APA versus MLA style used?” or

Which academic papers are APA & MLA used in?


Well, when it comes to APA citation, it is commonly used in various subjects like

  • Sociology
  • Criminology
  • Nursing
  • Business and different domains related to Social Science.

The citation is mainly used in different countries in/to Australia/New Zealand and also in United States.

When it comes to MLA citation, it is primarily used in different subjects like

  • Arts
  • Philosophy
  • Language
  • Law
  • Politics
  • History and different sections of Humanities

MLA is widely used across the world mostly in the United States.

After getting to know the fundamentals of APA versus MLA, so, let us know more about the two

Difference between the two Citation styles - APA & MLA

If you follow the standards of APA /MLA, you will find visible differences in the way you get to format whole academic paper. Let us understand through the table given below


MLA Citation

APA Citation

Bibliography Name

Here “Work Cited” is the name for referencing page

Here ‘Reference List or References’ is the name for referencing page

Sequence  of  Citation

Works and authors is kept in  arranged in alphabetical order.

Alphabetical sequence is kept for authors, whereas chronological sequence is kept for the works


Right alignment for Student's last Name

Right alignment for Page Number

 Title is basically left-aligned

Page Number is basically  right-aligned


First Page

For MLA citation the Title page will not exist. You need to mention the below-mentioned elements towards upper-left corner

  • First & Last Name
  • Professor
  • Class
  • Date
  • Title
  • Text


In case of APA citation writing style the very 1st page would be your Title page and here you need to mention the following

  •  Title
  • Name
  • Academic institution



 APA versus MLA in Assignment Formatting and Research Paper


Hence, you can easily distinguish the two writing styles -APA & MLA by just looking at the aspects mentioned in the table in academic papers.

Now, we will learn about the format differences between APA versus  MLA format with related examples


Citation formats & examples - APA 7 versus MLA 8

A lot of students are not able to cite sources because they do not know much about the formats.

Now, we will understand the citation styles - APA versus MLA (according to the rules of APA 7 & MLA 8) in detail just by checking a couple of sources.


You will find bibliography examples of APA versus MLA stated below with format to help you quote your sources easily while writing any academic paper next time.




  • Last name of the author
  • First initial of the author
  • Author’s middle initial (date of publication).
  • Title of the article. Name of the journal Volume (Issue), page number (s). https:// (URL)


“Van der Hoek, L, Pyrc, K, Jebbink, M. F, Vermeulen-Oost, W, Berkhout, R. J., Wolthers, K. C., & Berkhout, B. (2004). “Identification of a new human coronavirus”. “Nature medicine10(4), 368-373”. “”



  • Last name the author
  • First name of the author
  • "Title of article "Title of journal Version (in case applicable) Volume/ issue number. Publication date and page numbers URL


“van der Hoek, Lia, et al. "Identification of a new human coronavirus." Nature medicine 10.4 (2004): 368-373.”




  • Last name of the author
  • First initial of the author (date of publication)
  • Title of the URL of the article



Walcott, T. (2018, August 29), “The Change in Pressure System Around the World” https://www.



  • Surname of the author,
  • First name of the author
  • "Title of Article ”Title of the website, Name of the Publisher, Date of publication, URL



Walcott, Tricia. “The Change in Pressure System Around the World” ScienceEverywhereT, SHM Media, 29 Aug. 2018,”


Now, you must have got a clear picture of citation formats for APA versus MLA. Also, you must have understood the APA/MLA guidelines you need to follow.

Well, it will be quite easy for you to write academic papers like case studies, essays, research papers, and case studies as per the rules of APA/MLA.

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