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Writing a generic essay is not the same as working on academic assignments. The main reason why students fail to get good grades in the assignments is the failure to know this difference. They stick to the same style of research and writing when it comes to college assignments, and it fails to meet up the standards expected by a professor. Students searching for ‘my assignment help’ in Google should know what they are looking for in an assignment service provider.

To do so, you must know the common mistakes that a student would make in writing an assignment. Many assignment help services providers often mention that students lack the basic knowledge of how to start with an academic assignment.


Common mistakes while writing an academic assignment

Students who look for assignment help on the internet are not lazy ones. They are not able to understand where they go wrong. Since many schools do not foster academic writing skills from a younger age, many students have difficulty in working on assignments at a college level.

  • Formatting – Students usually do not value the importance of a format. When a university like Cambridge International College provides a format, they want the students to follow it to the tee. It might be generic or mundane rules like length, margin size, white space, font, side heading, and others. If you find it hard to format your assignment or create a clear look for the work, it is best to ask help from experts at expertssky.
  • Title – Many students give just a couple of seconds to come up with a title. Unfortunately, the importance of a title is far beyond just a heading. A creative title with information about the topic will make your assignment look professional. A strong title makes your professor stick with your assignment with the same enthusiasm until the end.
  • Argument – Generic school essays demand students to understand a concept and rewrite it in their own words. At a university level, professors expect students to research the topic, create a hypothesis or an argument backed with studies, reports, and statistics. A repeat of the context from any website would fetch bare minimum grades. It is not easy to create an academic argument, find relevant studies or theories to back up each stage of the argument, create a solution or derive an output, and offer a conclusion. Thus, students seek professional assignment help services like expertssky.
  • Plagiarism – In rare cases, students might find a couple of website with content apt for the given assignment topic. Unfortunately, around 30-40 students in your class will be flocking on the same page, writing down the same points. If you rely on the same words and structure, you will end up having a plagiarized concept. You need to spend time finding multiple resources for information. At the same time, every resource you choose should be reliable.
  • Grammar – Grammar mistake or spelling error might look like a trivial mistake. From a professor’s point of view, your assignment is not formal if it is full of mistakes. A grammatically incorrect assignment fails to explain the information effectively, which defeats the ultimate purpose of the task. Manual proofreading is not enough. Thus, many assignment help Queensland service providers use tools and software for the same.
  • Quoting – It is important to quote sentences from experts, leaders, or other researchers. However, it is essential to use them as quotes and not as your words. When you quote, you need to add a citation and also mention the author of the quote explicitly. If not, it is a major deal-breaker and a black mark for the assignment. Although a professor would not reject an assignment for a quoting mistake, the credibility goes down. It would affect your grade.
  • Simplicity – Students believe that a complicated word structure with jargons and flowery words would fetch a better grade. In reality, professors expect the assignment to be concise, clear, and simple. You need not worry about avoiding jargons at all. However, unnecessary words to add up the volume or to sound smart would backfire.


How expertssky would make a difference?


Avoiding all the problems mentioned above is not simple and not a fortnight-long process. Thus, students rely on the best assignment writing service providers like expertssky. Below are the top advantages of choosing us as your assignment helper.

  • Formal assignment: Our team of experts will research multiple sources generating a flow of information, including pictorial representation, quotes, citations, statistic data, and others, wherever relevant. Each assignment will be a separate task for the writers, and thus, originality becomes possible.
  • Quality output: Quality assignment becomes possible since our team uses premium grammar tools, plagiarism tools, and research strategies. Beyond these, manual proofreading and concept verification processes will ensure high-quality, information-rich assignment.
  • Conventions: Our team is well-versed with the formatting requirements of Cambridge International College. Thus, we will provide your assignment with the required formatting, style of research, and representation. Each subject requires a different style of analysis for information, and we have expertise over those formats.
  • Pricing and delivery: At expertssky, we believe in simplifying the process for the sake of students. You can find numerous online assignment help service providers. But, it is not easy to find student-friendly pricing option like ours. We have a large team of experts working for students from varying colleges. Thus, it is economically possible for us to provide a competitive pricing model and offer on-time delivery.
  • Availability: Since we are not a single-person entity, we can take up your assignment task without any delay and with no regards to the length or complexity. We are available 24/7 to offer guidance and services.
  • Privacy: Will, anyone, know my assignment help details? Your personal information or details about your assignments would be secure. We do not use any identification data for marketing or other purposes.

Avoid all the complex processes of struggling through an assignment to get bare minimum grades. Given the complexity and diversity of courses offered at Cambridge International College, students have a hard time coping with the class routines. Thus, assignments would be an added burden. Struggle no more and get the best assignment help Australia services from the experts at expertssky.


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