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FAQ General

1. How does the whole process work?

You need to fill a form and click on “Submit Assignment” section with all your requirements and detail of your task. Ten minutes of post-submission of your request, we will evaluate time and price that would be required to complete the request. Consequently, you have to pay in advance, and we will then proceed with your task.

2. What is the average turnaround time of my task delivery?

From 3 hours to 3 days delivery time. The overall process of preparing the solution depends upon the length and complexity of the task.

3. What services are offered by Expertssky.com?

Expertssky.com provides services like classroom assignments & solutions, academic writing, help with homework, essays and dissertation, thesis, research papers, proofreading & services of writing coursework.

4. Is my task and information safe?

100%! We are a privacy-oriented, adhering to the privacy policy of our company

5. How can I collect my order?

You can fetch your order/solution from "inbox" of your Expertssky.com account together with the delivery notification on your mail.


1. Do I have to pay full payment in advance?

Yes! For us to proceed with your task, you have to make full payment in advance; you can either pay the full amount or pay in two parts. However, before receiving the delivery of your task, you have to clear the dues.

2. How can I pay you?

You can pay us through PayPal.

3. How much do you charge for your services?

The charges of the services offered by us depend upon the word limit, some pages and complexity of the assignments. Therefore, our support team will give you the quotations on your requirements.

4. Do you facilitate with the subscription or auto-debit option?

Apology! Expertssky.com does not provide a subscription or any such option of AutoPay. Therefore, you are the only person who has the authority to pay to us. So, it is safe as no auto-debit proceeds from your Paypal or card.

5. Is your payment option safe/secured?

Our payment option is verified. Therefore it is safe and secured for you to use.

Privacy & Refund

1. Can the order be cancelled?

The order can be cancelled within 2 hours of payment. At times, we allow a partial refund, or credit saved fully for the next work if at all you have been late in cancellation & no longer you require your placed order or it has cancelled at our end.

2. What is Expertssky’s 100% satisfaction?

Expertssky.com issues a full refund in case you are unsatisfied with the service offered. All that you have to do is provide a valid reason for that.

3. What is Expertssky.com refund policy?

A complete amount gets refunded through PayPal with 5-7 working days.


1. What if your services are unsatisfactory?

In case you are unsatisfied with our service then you have to provide a valid reason for it. Further, our legal team will evaluate your complaint and provide a complete refund which can be reversed in your PayPal or card in 5-7 working days.

2. How can I directly communicate with your writer?

Our writers are available for you to communicate. Therefore, at “Inbox” of your Expertssky.com account, you can connect with them.

3. What if the work is plagiarised?

Expertssky.com offers plagiarism-free solution together with a free Turnitin report. Our quality check team makes sure you don’t encounter any plagiarism in your work, therefore for your satisfaction; we also provide a Turnitin report complementarily.

4. What in case I require revision?

Expertssky.com revises your task until and unless you are satisfied with it. Until then, we don’t close the order.

5. How many times do you offer revised work?

Revision can be done as many times as you require. As mentioned above, we don’t close any orders until and unless our clients are satisfied.